Product Analytics Service

Product Analytics Implementation

Explore our comprehensive Product Analytics Services, designed to optimize your product’s performance through data-driven insights. Here’s how we can help:

  1. Tracking Plan Creation: We develop a detailed tracking plan in Google Sheets, outlining all essential events and parameters linked to your KPIs. This plan aims to capture every critical aspect of user behavior, providing answers to your business questions.
  2. Plan Implementation through Coding: We collaborate with your developers to implement the tracking plan accurately, providing guidance throughout the process and conducting post-implementation testing to ensure quality. If your team is preoccupied, our experts are equipped to handle the implementation directly.
  3. Dashboard Creation: Using advanced tools like Mixpanel, Amplitude, Heap, PostHog, and Google Firebase Analytics, we create intuitive dashboards. These visualizations help you understand key metrics such as Monthly Active Users (MTU), recent sign-ups, retention rates, and more, enabling informed decision-making.


Leverage our expertise to harness the power of product analytics and transform your product strategy with precise, actionable insights.

Tools we work with mostly:

Product Analytics Tools

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