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Mixpanel Implementation


To enhance the functionality and performance of the Pandora Finance webapp by integrating Mixpanel analytics, enabling comprehensive tracking and analysis of key performance indicators (KPIs) essential for informed decision-making and strategic planning. This integration aims to provide valuable insights into user engagement, retention, feature usage, subscription trends, demographic data, and more, facilitating data-driven optimizations to drive user growth, improve app stickiness, and foster meaningful connections within the Trading community.


Tools & Technologies:


  1. Snowflake

Data Tracking: 

  1. Mixpanel

Data Visualization :

  1. Mixpanel


To meet the client’s needs, we began by thoroughly analyzing the Pandora Finance webapp functionality and devising a detailed Tracking Plan outlining essential User and Event Properties for tracking KPIs. Collaborating closely with developers, we oversaw the seamless implementation of the Tracking Plan into the app. Following rigorous event testing to ensure data accuracy, we created intuitive charts and dashboards using Mixpanel analytics. These tools provided actionable insights into user behavior, empowering the client to make informed decisions to enhance user experience and drive growth within the Trading community



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  1. Company KPI’s Dashboard
  2. User KPI’s Dashboard
  3. User Engagement Dashboard

Data Visuals:

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