How To Use Apple’s SKAdNetwork (SKAN) 4.0 To Optimize iOS Campaigns
SKAN 4.0
SKAN 4.0


Apple’s SKAdNetwork (SKAN) 4.0, released on October 24, 2022, has introduced significant updates that are reshaping the landscape for ad networks and app developers. These updates, while initially creating some confusion, present new opportunities for optimizing iOS campaign strategies. Let’s delve into the key features of SKAN 4.0 and how they can be leveraged by marketers.

Conversion Value Mapping

A critical aspect of SKAN 4.0 is Conversion Value Mapping. This feature dictates that only events linked to a conversion value will be included in Apple’s final postback. This mapping is now the primary method for assessing marketing performance in the SKAN environment. However, it’s important to note that despite mapping all KPIs, some data may still be missing due to Apple’s privacy threshold.

Apple’s Privacy Threshold

Marketers need to be aware of Apple’s privacy threshold, which is crucial for ensuring the accuracy in campaign data. This threshold involves parameters such as app size, ad exposure, and installs per source ID. The responsibility for meeting this threshold is shared with ad networks, highlighting the need for collaborative efforts in campaign management.

More Measurement Windows

SKAN 4.0 introduces three distinct measurement windows, each offering a deeper dive into user behavior over different timeframes:

  • Window 1 (0-2 Days): This initial window is crucial for making early campaign decisions.
  • Window 2 (3-7 Days): The second window aids in refining predictions about user behavior.
  • Window 3 (8-35 Days): The final window is vital for assessing long-term value and user retention.

Utilizing Measurement Windows

Each measurement window provides unique insights. Marketers can use the first window to make quick, initial adjustments to their campaigns, the second to fine-tune their approach based on early user behavior, and the third to understand the long-term impact of their strategies.

Lock Window Feature

One innovative feature of SKAN 4.0 is the Lock Window. This allows advertisers to lock in a conversion value at any chosen time within a window, potentially reducing the wait time for postbacks. However, it’s important to note that its effectiveness is primarily limited to active, online users, which may skew data towards more engaged user segments.


SKAN 4.0 offers a range of features that, if used wisely, can significantly enhance the way marketers approach their iOS campaign strategies. By understanding and leveraging aspects like Conversion Value Mapping, the Privacy Threshold, the new Measurement Windows, and the Lock Window feature, marketers can navigate the complexities of user privacy while extracting valuable insights for optimizing their campaigns. As the industry adapts to these updates, collaboration between marketers and ad networks will be key to unlocking the full potential of SKAN 4.0.