FRC Case Study

Flow Research Collective

This is the sub-heading section – just a tagline for the business



A short paragraph introducing the client, the scope of the project, and the main challenges faced.

Flow research collective


Clearly state what the client aimed to achieve with this project.


Tools & Technologies:

Data Sources :  

  1. Marketing Data Sources : Meta Ads, Google Ads, Bing Ads, Youtub
  2. Operations Data Sources : Hubspot , Samcart , Shopify , Google Sheets
  3. Other Data Sources : Typerform, Google Search Console, Google Analytics

Data Connector : 

  1. Keboola & Fivetran

Data Transformation : 

  1. Dataform (Google Cloud PlatformTool)
  2. SQL , Javascript and YAML

Data Visualization :

  1. Streamlit
  2. Metabase
  3. ThoughtSpot


Describe the approach and methods you employed to address the client’s needs.



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  1. Robust Data Architecture
  2. BI Dashboards for Marketing Team
  3. BI Dashboards for Sales Team
  4. BI Dashboards for Business Stakeholders
  5. Automation in Data Flow

Data Visuals:

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