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Caarmo connects to existing company’s data and analyzes business performance. Their analytics engine identifies where business unlocks are hidden. Business owners can choose the actions that will lead to their preferred financial outcomes. 




To enhance the functionality and performance of Caarmo by building a robust ETL pipeline that seamlessly transfers data from their MongoDB database into Google BigQuery. This integration aims to connect and unify data across the company’s ecosystem, enabling comprehensive analysis and strategic planning. By leveraging PowerBI, we aim to provide insightful dashboards that deliver valuable metrics and visualizations, empowering Caarmo to optimize operations, drive sales growth, enhance marketing effectiveness, and achieve their business objectives through data-driven decision-making.

Tools & Technologies:

Data Sources :  

  1. GeoSpatial Data in Real Time : MongoDB Database
  2. Operations Data Sources : PostGre SQL Database of the Company
  3. Other Data Sources : Google Spreadsheets, CSV files

Data Connector : 

  1. Stitch

Data Transformation : 

  1. DBT
  2. SQL , Javascript and YAML

Data Visualization :

  1. PowerBI


To meet Caarmo’s needs, we began by setting up Stitch as the ETL tool to efficiently transfer data from the MongoDB database into Google BigQuery. Additionally, we connected their PostgreSQL company database to BigQuery to consolidate all relevant data. Using DBT, we performed data transformations, combining and refining the data to build robust data models. We then utilized PowerBI to create comprehensive dashboards, highlighting key metrics and insights. These dashboards were shared across the organization through a centralized PowerBI workspace, ensuring that all stakeholders had access to up-to-date, actionable information. This process facilitated seamless data integration, transformation, and visualization, empowering Caarmo to make data-driven decisions and drive business growth.



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  1. Robust Data Architecture
  2. BI Dashboards for Marketing Team
  3. BI Dashboards for Sales Team
  4. BI Dashboards for Business Stakeholders
  5. Automation in Data Flow

Data Visuals:


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