We are consultants, engineers and mentors. We can give you best practice recommendations on how to build a cost-effective yet high-quality Modern Data Stack for your Data & Product Analytics. 


Data Strategy

We spend time understanding your goals and then work with you to craft a strategy that leads your organization to become more data-driven.


Data Architecture & Engineering

We experience to help your business make the most of Snowflake, Google Big Query, Azure Synapse, SQL and SAP HANA.

data warehousing

Business Intelligence

We build dashboards and provide insights through charts and graphs which can answer all your business questions.

Web & Mobile Analytics

We implement the right analytics tech stach on your web or mobile app and make sure you are tracking the right data.

AI & ML Solutions

We can implement deep learning and other ML models for your business to help you get value of your customer data or achive any other specific task.

AI and machine learning solutions